Exit Intent technology

Since 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned, tools like Exit Intent technology can be highly useful in getting leads and increasing sales. In this article you will learn what is this technology, how it works, how to enable and test it.

1. What is Exit Intent technology?

Exit Intent technology is a clever mechanism for tracking user behavior like mouse movements, scroll speed and scroll direction to identify and help predict user’s intent to leave the site. Once the intent to abandon the store is detected, a popup is presented to engage the user. The goal of Exit Intent popup is to encourage user to finish the order or get user’s contact information which later can be used in abandoned cart recovery.

As soon as email address or phone number is entered in the popup, CartBounty updates user’s abandoned cart and marks it as recoverable cart.

Demonstration of desktop Exit Intent popup
Demonstration of desktop Exit Intent popup

When will the Exit Intent popup appear?

Our tests have shown that these are the most frequent actions people take before abandoning the site therefore Exit technology is tracking the following activity to display the popup:

  • User moves mouse cursor to close the browser window or tab
  • “Back” button is used (on mobile devices – mobile exit intent technology)
  • Page is quickly scrolled up (on mobile devices – mobile exit intent technology)

Please note that there are also some conditions that must be met for the popup to appear. Exit Intent popup will be presented if all of the following conditions are true:

  • At least one item is in the cart
  • Email or phone number have not been entered in the Early capture popup or WooCommerce checkout form
  • User has not logged in
  • Popup has never been displayed or at least 60 minutes have passed since the last appearance

2. How to enable Exit Intent popup

Follow these simple steps to enable Exit Intent technology in CartBounty:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > CartBounty Pro
  2. Open Tools > Exit Intent
  3. Enable Exit Intent
  4. Choose which input field should be collected – email or phone number
  5. Customize Exit Intent popup appearance – style, colors, image
  6. Use the “Save settings” button to complete the setup
How to enable Exit Intent popup
Enabled Exit Intent popup

How to test Exit Intent popup

If you would like to test the visual appearance of your Exit Intent popup, please check the “Enable Test Mode” option. After this you can open up your store, add some items to your cart and try to close the tab.

Please note that during this time only users with administrator rights will be able to see the popup and all appearance limitations will be removed – the popup will be displayed every time administrator tries to leave the site. Do not forget to disable it once testing is over.

Exit Intent and caching plugins

If your store is using a caching plugin, please follow the guidelines of WooCommerce and exclude from caching Checkout and Cart pages. If you are using LiteSpeed Cache plugin, please also exclude from caching these cookies:

  • woocommerce_items_in_cart
  • woocommerce_cart_hash

3. Enable Instant coupons

Instant coupon codes offer an easy way of collecting more leads by motivating visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for an immediate discount.

Once enabled, coupon code will be automatically applied to customer’s shopping cart as soon a valid email or phone number is entered.

This proactive approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also helps to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversion rates. The allure of instant gratification coupled with the financial incentive of a discount can significantly boost sales and foster stronger customer loyalty.

4. Advanced customization

Besides the customization options available under Exit Intent settings, CartBounty also offers hooks and templates that can be used for advanced customization.

What’s next

You have learned how to increase recoverable abandoned cart ratio using Exit Intent popup and increase sales, you might be interested in the following topics:

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