Plugin updates

You should always keep CartBounty updated to the latest available version as it will ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce releases and make sure you are able to use the latest features and security improvements.

1. How to update CartBounty

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard > Plugins
  2. Scroll down to CartBounty Pro plugin row and see if there is an update available
  3. If there are no new updates, use the “Check for updates” link. Please continue here if “Check for updates” is not available.
  4. Use the “Update now” link to update the plugin
New CartBounty update available
New CartBounty update available

2. “Check for updates” is missing?

If you are unable to see the “Check for updates” link next to CartBounty Pro, it could meant that your License key is inactive or WordPress has cached some data related with plugin updates. Please follow these steps to resolve this:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > CartBounty Pro
  2. Under the Settings tab, enter “ABC” in the license key
  3. Use the “Save settings” button
  4. Restore your original License key,
  5. Use the “Save settings” button and check that license is active
  6. Go back to Plugins page
  7. Scroll down to CartBounty Pro plugin row and see if the “Check for updates” link is available
  8. If the “Check for updates” link is still missing, please, deactivate and then reactivate CartBounty Pro plugin
  9. Refresh Plugins page
  10. If after these steps the link “Check for updates” is still missing, please please get in touch with our Premium support
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