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    Find the most frequent questions and answers about CartBounty Pro – Save and recover abandoned carts plugin.

    How to install and activate the plugin?

    To install and activate the plugin:
    1. Open WordPress admin panel
    2. On the left menu, click Plugins > Add New and then locate and click the "Upload Plugin" button
    3. Select the CartBounty Pro plugin .zip file you have downloaded previously and click the "Install Now" button
    4. Activate the plugin after it is installed
    5. Once activated, please go to WooCommerce > CartBounty Pro abandoned carts > Settings tab
    6. Enter your License key. Once the License is active your shop will start to collect abandoned carts and send out notifications
    7. Optionally setup automated abandoned cart recovery emails via ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp or WordPress recovery settings. Please see this tutorial on how to integrate with ActiveCampaign or this tutorial on how to setup MailChimp
    8. Optionally enable additional productivity Tools like Exit Intent or Early capture which will allow you to increase the ratio of recoverable abandoned carts

    After this you will see a status notice that the license is active. Now the plugin will start to do its magic :)

    To update the plugin:
    1. Open WordPress admin panel
    2. On the left menu, click Plugins
    3. Locate CartBounty Pro plugin and next to it should be a small "Check for updates" link. If you see the link - please skip to the last step.
    4. If you do not see the "Check for updates" link, please go to WooCommerce > CartBounty Pro abandoned carts > Settings tab
    5. In the License key field enter "ABC" and save it
    6. Now restore back your original License key, save it and make sure it is activated (you have now cleared any cached WordPress data related with license validation)
    7. Return to Plugins page and see if "Check for updates" link is available. If you see the link - please skip to the last step.
    8. If the "Check for updates" link is still missing, please, deactivate and then reactivate CartBounty Pro plugin
    9. Refresh Plugins page
    10. Click on the link "Check for updates" and update the plugin in case there is an update available
    Check for updates link location next to CartBounty Pro under Plugins page

    Please not that your License key must be activated to receive updates. If after these steps you still are not able to see the "Check for updates" link next to CartBounty Pro, please get in touch with our Premium support.

    When is the cart and checkout form data saved?

    Data and information about the cart is saved right after the user gets to the Checkout form and one of the following events happen:

    • Correct email address is entered
    • Phone number is entered
    • On Checkout page load if email or phone number input fields are already filled
    • Any Checkout form input field with a class "input-text" is entered or changed if a valid Email or Phone number has been entered

    If ghost carts have been enabled, the cart will be saved as soon as the user adds an item to his cart. It will remain as a ghost cart until one of the above events has occurred.

    In case a user is logged in, the shopping cart will be instantly captured as soon as an item is added to the cart. After this, the cart will be instantly updated if it is altered or an item is removed from the cart.

    If a customer completes the checkout process and arrives on the WooCommerce "Thank you" page, the cart is removed from the abandoned cart table and the Checkout form fields are cleared. In case the user returns to his abandoned shopping cart via abandoned cart recovery email - the cart will be marked as "recovered" and will remain in the list of carts.

    When would a cart be considered as abandoned?

    Once the cart is saved, it is considered as abandoned after a period of 60 minutes. Email notifications will be sent out only after the cart is abandoned.

    What are ghost carts, how do they work and how to use them?

    Ghost cart is a cart that can’t be identified since the customer has neither signed in your store nor he has entered his email / phone in your checkout form or Exit intent popup.

    Any customer who is unidentifiable and adds anything to his shopping cart instantly appears in CartBounty cart list as a ghost shopping cart. If during his shopping journey he adds his details, his ghost cart automatically is turned into a recoverable cart.

    There can be many different reasons why you would like to see ghost cart data, here are a couple of ideas:

    • Monitor live cart activity in your store and have a better overview of what is happening in your store
    • See which products are being placed into shopping carts to know which products are trending and what your customers are interested in
    • Manually analyze which products are being placed into the cart, but not getting purchased
    • Knowledge about the potential revenue that is missed out

    If you would rather not see ghost carts, you can exclude them from being saved in your CartBounty settings tab. In addition, you can select if guests from specific countries should be able to leave ghost carts.

    How to send automated abandoned cart recovery emails via ActiveCampaign?

    Since version 5.0, you are able to setup automated abandoned cart recovery emails via ActiveCampaign. Please follow the steps outlined below to get going:

    1. Login in to ActiveCampaign and open Settings > Developer and get your API key and URL
    2. Go back to your shop and open up CartBounty Pro ActiveCampaign tab to enter your API key and URL. Save the settings. If all is good you should see a green check saying "Connected" next to both fields
    3. After this go back to your ActiveCampaign and create your abandoned cart recovery automation

    Here is a short video tutorial on how to setup the plugin and integrate it with ActiveCampaign.

    ActiveCampaign is awesome since it allows you to create different If/Else statements and setup elaborate rules when to send out your captured abandoned cart recovery emails.

    Worth noting that in contrast to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign allows you to send multiple abandoned cart reminder emails while MailChimp allows just one email to be sent for each abandoned cart.

    Please note that you must be on ActiveCampaign Plus or a higher plan to use its abandoned cart recovery automation workflow (Lite plan does not provide this).

    How to send automated abandoned cart recovery emails via GetResponse?

    It is super easy to integrate CartBounty with GetResponse, just follow these simple steps:

    1. Login to GetResponse and open Menu > Integrations and API > API and generate your API key
    2. Get back to your store and open up CartBounty Pro GetResponse tab to enter your API key. Save the settings
    3. Select a store (if you do not have any stores, please return to GetResponse and Add a store under Menu > Stores and products) and pick a list from GetResponse that is going to be used to store abandoned cart contacts. If everything is connected, a green checkbox will appear next to all three input fields and a "Force Sync" button will appear
    4. After this go back to your GetResponse account and create your abandoned cart recovery automation

    GetResponse is a beautifully designed email marketing system to save and recover online abandoned shopping carts. It is a professional email marketing system with awesome email design options and beautifully pre-designed email templates.

    How to send automated abandoned cart recovery emails via MailChimp?

    You can send automated abandoned cart recovery emails after connecting our plugin to MailChimp:

    1. Login in to MailChimp and open Account > Extras > API keys
    2. Go back to your shop and open up CartBounty Pro MailChimp tab to enter your API key
    3. After a successful connection you will be able to choose a list to sync the abandoned carts with. You might need to create a new list on MailChimp if no list appears here
    4. Save settings. If all is good you should see a green check saying "Connected" next to the chosen list
    5. After this go back to MailChimp and create your abandoned cart recovery automation

    Here is a short video tutorial on how to setup the plugin.

    Since version 4.0, you can also integrate coupon codes in your abandoned cart recovery emails.

    MailChimp allows to create both single and a series of reminder emails (e.g., first email in the 1st hour of cart abandonment, 2nd email after 24 hours etc.)

    Please note that MailChimp will only send the 1st reminder email to a user if he has not subscribed to your list.

    How does WordPress automated abandoned cart recovery work?

    A simple solution for sending abandoned cart recovery emails using the default WordPress mail server. This recovery option works best if you have a small to medium number of abandoned carts.

    Configure your abandoned cart reminder emails, how they look, when to send them, include coupons, etc. You can choose to enable just one or all of them creating a 3-step automation workflow. The countdown to start the next step starts from the moment the previous one is completed.

    If your emails are not reaching your recipients or they end up in the spam box, you might try switching from your default WordPress mail server to an SMTP. To do this just install one of the available WordPress SMTP plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory.

    What happens when a user returns from an abandoned cart recovery email?

    Once a user returns to your store from ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp or WordPress abandoned cart recovery email:

    1. The cart is cleared from all products
    2. The cart is populated with users previously captured and abandoned products
    3. Users session is restored and if he completes the purchase, his abandoned cart is marked as recovered and available to see in the CartBounty list

    How do the email notifications work?

    Once the cart is saved and is considered as abandoned, you will receive a notification about it in your email. You will not be notified about previously abandoned carts.

    You can set the following notification intervals:

    • Every 10 minutes
    • Every 20 minutes
    • Every 30 minutes
    • Every hour
    • Every 2 hours
    • Every 3 hours
    • Every 4 hours
    • Every 5 hours
    • Every 6 hours
    • Twice a day
    • Once a day
    • Once every 2 days
    • Disable notifications

    Default notification interval is "Every hour". You also have the option to disable notifications in case you ever get tired of them ;)

    Please also note how WordPress handles Cron job that is responsible for sending out email notifications. Scheduled actions can only be triggered when a visitor arrives on a WordPress site. Therefore, if you are not getting any traffic on your website you will not receive any e-mail notifications until a visitor lands on your website.

    By default, the notifications will be sent to WordPress registered admin email. But you can also set a different email address as well as to add multiple emails separated by a comma.

    How does Exit Intent technology work?

    If a user tries to leave your shop with an abandoned cart, just before leaving, he will be presented with an additional form that will ask for his email address. Once it is entered (no need to submit the form), user's cart will be automatically captured and labeled as recoverable.

    Exit Intent form will be displayed only to unregistered users once per hour. If the user enters his email address either in Exit Intent form or in the Checkout form - popup will no longer be displayed upon leaving your shop.

    Since version 4.4 you can use Mobile Exit Intent Technology. In this case Exit Intent will be triggered once the page is quickly scrolled up or if the "Back" button is used. Our tests have shown that these are the most frequent actions people take before abandoning the page.

    If you would like to test the visual appearance of Exit Intent, please check the "Enable Test Mode" checkbox. Please note that only users with Admin rights will be able to see Exit Intent during this stage and appearance limits will be removed. This means that it will be showed to the Admin each time he tries to leave the shop.

    How does Early capture work?

    Early email or phone capture will be displayed only to unregistered users once every 60 minutes. If the user has provided his email or phone, he will no longer be required to enter it again and the Checkout form will autofill this field for the customer. As soon as Early capture is filled - user's cart will be automatically captured and labeled as recoverable.

    How email capture request appears after Add to cart button is pressed

    In case you would like to disable or change Early capture phone validation, you can do that setting up a custom filter. Please take a look at these actions and filters to learn more and find examples.

    How to use CartBounty templates for Advanced customization?

    Public sections of the plugin can be quickly and easily styled using plugin settings. However, if you are looking for a more customized appearance, you can use template files that come along with CartBounty or take a look at actions and filters.

    You can find all template files inside "/plugins/woo-save-abandoned-carts-pro/templates". The template files contain markup required to present the data. Please copy this template to your active theme to keep your customizations intact after plugin updates.

    You can copy template files to either one of these locations:

    1. yourtheme/templates/emails/cartbounty-pro-email-light.php
    2. yourtheme/templates/cartbounty-pro-exit-intent.php
    3. yourtheme/cartbounty-pro-exit-intent.php

    When modifying our template, please do not change any of the following ID values or else the plugin will no longer be able to save abandoned carts or render properly:

    • "cartbounty-pro-exit-intent-email"
    • "cartbounty-pro-exit-intent-phone"
    • "cartbounty-pro-early-capture-form"
    • "cartbounty-pro-early-capture-email"
    • "cartbounty-pro-early-capture-phone"

    What hooks are available for additional customization?

    CartBounty comes with different hooks that make it possible to change some parts or extend the existing functionality of the plugin without modifying core files.

    General hooks

    1. cartbounty_pro_from_email
    2. cartbounty_pro_recaptcha_minimum_allowed_score
    3. cartbounty_pro_waiting_time
    4. cartbounty_pro_phone_validation
    5. cartbounty_pro_include_tax

    Here is an example how to change the From email that sends out notification emails using "cartbounty_pro_from_email" filter. Please add it to your theme's functions.php file:

    function change_from_email( $html ){
    	return '';
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_from_email', 'change_from_email' );

    Example how to customize default waiting time after which the cart is considered abandoned using "cartbounty_pro_waiting_time" filter from 60 minutes (default time) to 30 minutes. Add it to your theme's functions.php file:

    function change_waiting_time( $minutes ){
    	return 30; //Minimum allowed time is 20 minutes
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_waiting_time', 'change_waiting_time' );

    Here is an example how to disable default phone validation of Exit Intent and Early capture request. Please add it to your theme's functions.php file:

    function cartbounty_pro_disable_phone_validation( $regex ){
    	return '';
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_phone_validation', 'cartbounty_pro_disable_phone_validation' );

    Example how to change phone number validation RegEx that will accept only US phone number WITH area code (i.e., 111-222-3333, or 111.222.3333, or (111) 222-3333, or 1112223333, etc.):

    function cartbounty_pro_change_phone_validation( $regex ){
    	return '^\D?(\d{3})\D?\D?(\d{3})\D?(\d{4})$';
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_phone_validation', 'cartbounty_pro_change_phone_validation' );

    Example how to display abandoned cart product prices excluding taxes:

    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_include_tax', '__return_false' );

    Hooks related to Privacy and GDPR data export

    1. cartbounty_pro_anonymization_interval
    2. cartbounty_pro_export_abandoned_cart_fields
    3. cartbounty_pro_export_abandoned_cart_field
    4. cartbounty_pro_export_abandoned_cart

    Exit Intent hooks

    Our Exit Intent template contains different actions and filters that allow you to create new, edit, replace or remove existing content including the main image in Exit Intent window.

    Available CartBounty Pro actions and filters
    1. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_start
    2. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_after_title
    3. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_before_form_fields
    4. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_end
    1. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_close_html
    2. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_image_html
    3. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_title_html
    4. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_description_html
    5. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_field_html
    6. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_button_html
    7. cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_reset_hours

    Here is an example how to add additional subtitle after the main title using our "cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_after_title" action hook. Please add it to your theme's functions.php file:

    function add_extra_html_after_title() {
    	echo "<p>Additional subtitle here...</p>";
    add_action('cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_after_title', 'add_extra_html_after_title' );

    Example how to change the main image using a filter:

    function modify_image( $html ){
    	return '<img src=""/>';
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_image_html', 'modify_image' );

    Example how to change the main title using a filter:

    function modify_title( $html ) {
    	$custom_title = 'Your text here...';
    	return preg_replace('#(<h2[^>]*>).*?(</h2>)#', "$1 $custom_title $2", $html);
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_title_html', 'modify_title' );

    Example how to change the description using a filter:

    function modify_description( $html ){
    	$custom_description = 'New description here...';
    	return preg_replace('#(<p[^>]*>).*?(</p>)#', "$1 $custom_description $2", $html);
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_exit_intent_description_html', 'modify_description' );

    Early capture hooks

    Early capture template contains different actions and filters that allow you to create new, edit, replace or remove existing content.

    1. cartbounty_pro_early_capture_after_title
    2. cartbounty_pro_early_capture_before_form_fields
    1. cartbounty_pro_early_capture_label_html
    2. cartbounty_pro_early_capture_close_html
    3. cartbounty_pro_early_capture_field_html
    4. cartbounty_pro_early_capture_button_html
    5. cartbounty_pro_early_capture_reset_hours

    Example how to change the default time interval of how often the request is presented from 60 minutes to once every 30 minutes:

    function custom_early_capture_appearance_interval( $regex ){
    	return 0.5;
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_early_capture_reset_hours', 'custom_early_capture_appearance_interval' );

    WordPress email hooks

    WordPress recovery option offers different email templates and each of them can be used in its own automation step.

    Actions and filters therefore make use of two variables - template_name which defines the template used (available strings are "light", "rows" and "columns") and step_number which defines the automation step (available numbers are "1", "2" and "3").

    Available CartBounty Pro actions and filters inside WordPress email templates
    1. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_before_title_{step_number}
    2. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_after_title_{step_number}
    3. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_after_intro_{step_number}
    4. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_after_button_{step_number}
    5. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_footer_start_{step_number}
    6. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_footer_end_{step_number}
    1. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_title_html_{step_number}
    2. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_intro_html_{step_number}
    3. cartbounty_pro_automation_{template_name}_button_html_{step_number}
    4. cartbounty_pro_automation_copyright
    5. cartbounty_pro_automation_footer_address_1
    6. cartbounty_pro_automation_footer_address_2
    7. cartbounty_pro_automation_unsubscribe_html
    8. cartbounty_pro_automation_max_products

    Example how to add additional content right before the main title inside the "Light" template if it is used in the 1st WordPress recovery reminder email step:

    function cartbounty_pro_add_light_title_on_step_one(){
    	esc_html_e( 'Additional content before main title', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts' );
    add_action( 'cartbounty_pro_automation_light_before_title_1', 'cartbounty_pro_add_light_title_on_step_one' );

    An example how to use a filter to alter the main title of the "With cart contents" template if it is used in the 2nd automation step:

    function cartbounty_pro_alter_rows_title_on_step_two( $title ){
    	return '<h1 style="font-size: 60px; padding-bottom: 30px;">'. __('My new title', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts') .'</h1>';
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_automation_rows_title_html_2', 'cartbounty_pro_alter_rows_title_on_step_two' );

    Example how to replace existing button name from "Complete checkout" to "Return to cart" inside the "With cart contents" template if it is used in the 2nd automation step:

    function cartbounty_pro_alter_rows_button_on_step_two( $button ){
        return str_replace( 'Complete checkout', __('Return to cart', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts') , $button);
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_automation_rows_button_html_2', 'cartbounty_pro_alter_rows_button_on_step_two' );

    How to change the default footer address. By default, it is taken from WooCommerce store address you have entered, but you can change it using a filter:

    function cartbounty_pro_alter_footer_address_1( $address ){
        esc_html_e('First address line...', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts');
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_automation_footer_address_1', 'cartbounty_pro_alter_footer_address_1' );
    function cartbounty_pro_alter_footer_address_2( $address ){
        esc_html_e('Second address line...', 'woo-save-abandoned-carts');
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_automation_footer_address_2', 'cartbounty_pro_alter_footer_address_2' );

    Example how to change the maximum number of products that are presented in the reminder email to 9 products:

    function cartbounty_pro_alter_max_products(){
        return 9;
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_automation_max_products', 'cartbounty_pro_alter_max_products' );

    My MailChimp list shows 0 subscribers, why?

    If you have connected CartBounty Pro plugin with MailChimp, you will see that your MailChimp list shows 0 subscribers.

    This will not change because MailChimp treats abandoned cart emails as Transactional emails and these contacts will be saved as Non-subscribed contacts.

    Non-subscribed contacts are contacts in your Mailchimp list who have interacted with your store but haven't ever subscribed to your bulk email marketing. They are eligible to receive transactional emails like purchase confirmations and abandoned cart reminder emails.

    MailChimp abandoned cart recovery email series only send out the first email, second and third email queues are empty.

    For compliance reasons MailChimp can only send the first email in the series to transactional email addresses.

    For a contact to get the next email he would have to opt-in to receive the following emails. Contacts that just leave their email address, but do not opt-in will be transactional contacts in your list and will only be able to receive the first abandoned cart email reminder.

    I have setup the plugin and linked it to ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp or WordPress, but recovery emails are not being sent out.

    There can be multiple reasons for this. Please make sure that:

    1. The free CartBounty plugin version is disabled
    2. You have entered the license key
    3. Your WordPress Cron service is enabled. By default, this service is enabled on all WordPress installations but in case it is not - the plugin will not be able to automatically deliver neither email notifications nor automatically synchronize carts to ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp or WordPress.
      Here is a quick tutorial how to turn it back on, please get in touch with your website administrator to enable it.
    4. You have enabled CartBounty logging by opening CartBounty Settings > Help (located at the top right corner of the screen) > Enable logging. After you have done this, you will be able to find additional information in case there are some issues with the integration or setup.

    In case of integration with ActiveCampaign, please make sure:

    1. You have entered a valid ActiveCampaign URL and key
    2. When you go to your ActiveCampaign account under Settings > Integrations you are seeing Integration with your shop
    3. You have setup automated abandoned cart recovery workflow under your ActiveCampaign automations, and that the automation is active and running

    In case of integration with GetResponse, please make sure:

    1. You have entered a valid GetResponse API key
    2. You have linked the integration with GetResponse store and contact list
    3. You have setup automated abandoned cart recovery workflow under your GetResponse automations, the automation is active and running

    In case if you have integrated with MailChimp, please make sure that:

    1. You have entered the license key and connected the plugin with MailChimp (API key has been entered and MailChimp list has been selected)
    2. The selected MailChimp list is brand new and empty (if the list has been previously used or you have manually added a subscriber to it, it might not be usable for sending automated abandoned cart recovery emails)
    3. An automated abandoned cart recovery email campaign has been setup under MailChimp

    If the above points have been checked and do not help to solve the issue, please try the following:

    1. Open up your MailChimp account and check if you have any Abandoned carts listed under Your username > Connected sites. If you do not see any Abandoned carts here and you see a tag "Sending" here, please move to the next point
    2. Check if your products use variations and they are not created using some plugins since that might cause synchronization issues
    3. Enable WordPress log file and look for errors, warnings and notices that might cause the issue. Here's how to enable logging

    You can also try to look at your MailChimp API usage via MailChimp API playground. Here you should see what kind of requests are sent and if there are errors. Take a look at "Batches" section and look for the "response_body_url" link which should hold additional information about the synchronization process.

    If the issue persists, please get in touch with our Premium support.

    How to prevent bots from leaving ghost carts?

    If you have noticed unusual amounts of multiple new ghost carts being left almost at the same time, from one country and consisting of a single product, it might be that they are left by bots who are visiting your store.

    Bots can be divided into two groups – good ones and bad ones.

    1. Good bots. The most common example of a good bot could be a web crawler. It is a bot that is sent via a search engine like Google to index your shop. Online store owners generally welcome these bots, because it keeps their content and products visible in the search engine results and hopefully will attract new visitors
    2. Harmful bots. These bots are visiting your store for malicious purposes. Their actions range from mildly harmful to potentially critical. Bad bots are scanning your store for weak spots, security holes, ways to take over your store, steal your visitor credit card data etc. Besides that, they are also increasing stress on your server thus slowing down your store

    Harmful bots are the ones that might be responsible for leaving new ghost carts on your website. While this is not dangerous, it can be frustrating and annoying. Here are three solutions that will help you to deal to with them:

    1. The quick solution is to simply disable ghost carts from being saved by CartBounty. You can do this in the CartBounty Settings tab. As easy as this solution is, it only deals with consequences and does not stop these harmful bots from visiting your store, continuously searching for new vulnerabilities and slowing down your shop
    2. A better solution would be to install a WordPress plugin that helps to prevent bots from visiting your store. You could try out a couple of different plugins, but this might be a good starting point: Blackhole for Bad Bots. This way you will block harmful bots from wandering around your store and keep ghost carts enabled to see what your customers are shopping for
    3. If you would not like to install a new plugin and you have a developer who is able to help, you could try this solution. At first you will have to find your server access logs and find which of these entries have been left by bots. After that you can use .htaccess file to block these bots from further visits. Here is a good article on how to block bad bots which will provide more about this topic

    In addition, you can select if guests from specific countries should be able to leave ghost carts thus making sure that bots coming from countries you do not sell to are not able to leave ghost carts.

    How does Google reCAPTCHA work?

    Google reCAPTCHA v3 is a great, free and invisible tool that will protect your shop from bots leaving abandoned carts. It uses a sophisticated algorithm that returns a score between 0.0 and 1.0. If the user receives a score of 1.0, it means he is most probably a real person and not a bot

    In case if the score is below 0.2, the abandoned cart will not be captured thus leaving your server cool and clean. However, if this threshold is a bit too low and you are still receiving heavy amounts of abandoned carts from bots then you might want to increase this sensitivity threshold. To do that you can use a filter "cartbounty_pro_recaptcha_minimum_allowed_score" and here is an example that you can add to your functions.php file:

    function change_score( $score ) {
    	return 0.3;
    add_filter( 'cartbounty_pro_recaptcha_minimum_allowed_score', 'change_score' );

    In the example we have raised the sensitivity from the default 0.2 to 0.3 - now only visitors that will receive a score of 0.3 or higher will be captured in the abandoned cart table

    Please visit Google reCAPTCHA to register and start protecting your shop against bot submissions. Once registered, you will also be able to see how much of the traffic your checkout form is receiving and what scores are coming up

    How to import abandoned carts?

    You can very easily transfer your abandoned carts saved using the Free CartBounty version into the Pro. Please follow these 3 simple steps:

    1. Make sure that CartBounty Pro is activated and that the Free version has not been removed
    2. Open up CartBounty Settings tab and click on the Help located at the top right corner of the screen
    3. Switch to Import carts section and use the Import button

    Please note that carts older than 30 days will not be imported and you can perform this operation only once.

    How to translate CartBounty into a different language?

    CartBounty comes with a langue folder which allows you to take the English version of .pot file and easily translate it into any language.

    While there are different ways you can translate your plugins and themes, here is a basic guide you could follow:

    1. Download Poedit (it’s a free software), install it on your computer
    2. Open up Poedit and use File > New From POT/PO File..
    3. Select the .pot file from CartBounty plugin
    4. Choose a language for the translation
    5. Translate all the content and save the translation file in the wp-content/languages/plugins directory
    6. Go to your WordPress settings and set Site Language to the one you just translated the plugin

    In case you want to translate abandoned cart emails sent out by WordPress recovery option, please make sure that you do not enter any content in the WordPress recovery input fields (.e.g., Subject, Main title fields should remain empty). That way you can use Loco translate or any other translation plugins to translate the default abandoned cart email contents.

    After this you should be able to open up CartBounty and see your new translations.

    Please do not keep your translations in the CartBounty plugin folder since those will be deleted once you update CartBounty to a new version.


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